Doing what you Have never done Before.


Some of us have more sexual experience than others. Some of us get into “game” looking to improve, others are looking to get started. There is allot of advice for guys to get them between the sheets. But what can guys gain from who have never been there before? If you have never been intimate or had sexual intercourse, Diving under the covers may seem like something that resmples Journey to the Center of The Earth.

Framing – If you have never done something before, its easy to assign it meaning that may not be appropriate, much less useful to you what your achieving. As well as Identifying the anchors that the mainstream, culture, friends or other influences has placed upon you.  What we are really encourage you to do is challenge your self to look at your current beliefs and the meaning you assign to this subject, and abstract outside it.

What is it that is really holding you back from achieving the person you want to be, The things you want to experience. And if you did, how would you wake up that morning, Enjoy that day, or experience being the new you?

But its getting to the other side that can be so Difficult for some of us, isn’t it…?


We focus and celibate so much as our sexual experience as the end of something, Defining clear lines about the person who we were before the experience and the person who we will be after.  Thoughts you may have might be, will you be a Bad person, will you become a man? A stud, a Deviant, someone who Indulges in sexual perversion?  I hate to break it to you, but none of these things will happen.  What I can guarantee if you practiced Safer sex, is that you’ll collect and you’ll go about your usual routines as you always have, maybe with a smile on your face that says “guess what I just did.”  Lighting wont strike you, but you might feel like you just stumbled upon a million bucks.

This isn’t about just getting laid, its about identifying and change beliefs that we cling on to that may not sever us in the best ways.  Maybe it starts with engaging with the opposite sex, doing may be a great way for you to avoid pain in your daily life.  But What if you challenged that, saw your self living a life where not only you did but it was fun and enjoyable.  Look back from the new you, that you have created, what how do you feel about the old ways you this situation may have felt to you, How much that changing the meaning meant engaging in a life that you enjoyed, instead of envied.

I’ll let you in on a secret on my biggest fear..Its the fear that I see everything as nail. As funny as it says i’m refering to an old saying that says when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  So I’m constantly asking myself, maybe I need a screwdriver.  As silly as the illustration sounds, it works. And I belive you can make these changes in your life too. To take that hammer and ask your self, what if I used this tool over here instead.


Does size matter? : Can you find the Clitoris?  Mind bending orgasms for women dont soley exist in the vagina. And To give them one you dont have to go that deep either, The Gspot is locatable by a thicker often diffident textured area of tishue Located about a fingers lenth a way in on the roof of the vagina.  Though this verys from vagina to vagina.

How Quick is Quick?: Most studys boast speeds of  5-10 mins for the average couple. So Dont sweet it, if your first time you dont last very long.  With practice and being observant about  how your body is reacting its very easy to go for 20-30 mins if not longer.   Its not cheating if you have to slow down for a bit to last longer or exit the vagina once or twice. And her clit may enjoy some extra attention as well.

A word to the wise, after about an hour or two things do get sore. So You might want to rethink your ideas of Sex all night.


Know and prepare your self from what is Varsity Level Sex and What is considered Starter or more Traditional.  You don’t have to master the Karma Sutra to have an amazing experience.  Missionary, Her on Top and Dogie style  are still amazingly fun for even the best at sex.

If you are a younger reader and would like to know more please visit the Midwestteensexshow. Also is another great place.

Though anyone who is just starting off, These are wonderful Resources as well.

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Purity Culture and 1984

Not to openly bash any one who follows any organize group/organization who promotes purity culture, but some of what you see out there just scares me. Is it just me, or are these people reenacting Orwells alarmist novel 1984, on a daily bases?

Heres what i’m getting at:

1 Looking through the frame that everyone is someones son or daughter, implying incest and making sex a dirty evil.

2 The Orgasm is an evil that must be prevented at all cost, untill there is a point in time that it will no longer matter.

3 Members of these cultures defend it irrationally  upon unrealistic fears and ideologies.Distorting the facts of human needs to match the creed of an authority figure.

4 Media depictions from this culture are often those who engage in sexual activity are portrayed with in a demonic evil and devance that

only to lead to the conclusion to abstain to have them become moral beings.


My focus on this stems from the focus of mainstream

Open Draft…more to come


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Confidence By Jeff

Check out Friend of the show Jeff Staches Free youtube seminars.


Ladys check out

Ross Jeffreys found Archived footage of on Camera Day game coaching.

In a 3 part interview that I believe hasn’t been made attention in its full version.
In quite possibly would be the first on camera Day game coaching, Ross Shows the off an Early version of speed seduction, to the world on Louis Therou’s Weird Weekends, complete with french subtitles.

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Brain/Body Connection and Human Behavior

Theres allot of Talk and research going on with the Body Brain connection, with in human behavior. Jorgen Rasmussen in provocative hypnosis, time and time agin in his book points out about the connection in his book. With being coupled with a decade of the “Super AFCs” which has exploded in the PUA industry, I feel its due to a cocktail of multipul factors.

Most AFCs are coming from a new stand point of socially awkwardness never really observed in societies due to life events and interactions that they are normally experience through their post adolescent teen age years are missed, visa vi Gamer,hacker, computer ect culture, which is dietary extremely unhealthy. And Exercise, lack of sunlight, and a lack luster diet has exacerbated this condition to an extreme far past what we see modern society adapting too in this digital age of Glowing Screens, and entertainment consumption. Through this common diet that has become the celebrated norm in this this particular culture that is not being burnt off puts tremendous stress on the the heart and disrupts homeostasis of oxygen flow. This has been linked to many mental disorders and illnesses largely depression, which the heart doesn’t pump oxygen to the brain at the rate it should to operate correctly. This is only multiplied the by these Guys not getting sun light which many researchers have already sounded the alarm through studies that the Average Americans show a unsettling deficiency in Vitamin D also linked to depression and other mental disorders. In short and the sake of context eating Doritos, Taco Bell and Pizza snacks complemented with mountain due and such while not moving for long periods of time indoors with limited interactions to social interactions is a world of disaster on multipul levels. Through my own findings and Research I believe Diet should be Stressed within a Successful Inner Game.

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Natural Game vs NLP Pickup

Archer and myself are Guys like you, We keep up in Trends in the Seduction Industry and experince content from others as consumers keeping a open mind to all.  I Stress this because I, October, fear disinformation has once agin arised.

How can something thats forged from the scrutiny of a global community guys could lead us like lemmings off a Clift? Simply when we look at guys who are  still seeking a solution, to make a Dramatic Life change.  Especially when the desire goal is to rebrand, and re establish an Identity (AFC to PUA),  Men the world over enter into a State of high suggestibility.  When the orientation of the world has been removed, in an attempt to reorient your self to form new believes and establishment the mind seeks to latch onto the first thing that gives it certainty.

The Seduction Industry is anything short of Dramatic Examples to follow, and to prolong this experince for anyone seek to set out upon the pilgrimage of self discovery in the world of women.  This is what we Archer and myself felt strongly about stoping when we started the podcast.

I’m sure we are all familiar with the idea of “Natural Game”, I wont stay to long on the point this implies that its comparisons are unnatural. From what is observed guys like to avoid the dramatic reinvention of a their self to a Provocatively Peakcocking Persona or the idea of accruing a technology  that is highly “Manipulative”.  Without exception the packaging and presentation is the most appealing to the socially programed perspectives guys will bring into this field, but Whats really underneath the Fancy Ribbons and bows?

Natural Game offers more of a condescending warmed up feel good black box of answers that really get you out the door with a smile on your face.  Though You would find me hard pressed not to recommend something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Past the extraneous stress on theories this school offers, there is very little technical proof in the pudding.  With the measure goal of success as simply to get a smile and a number. Gurus are often elicit strategies that …really elicit nothing, As someone who had great success in the world of NLP and Hypnosis, I find myself holding out my figurative bucket to of reality to fill it up with objective information to find it empty.  You’ll hear countless recollections of vibe infield and lays with vague suggestions that things may or might not work. That spans anywhere from Social Intelligence to what you should hang on your wall in your flat. Nothing that offers any real repeatable validity but seems to only stand for throw away ideas that are showered generously upon the students.

Natural Game from what any credible authority in the field has been able to present has been nothing more thans over developed inner game with a few topic suggestions and limiting rationalizations that present it self as being socially minded.

Alright, Alright October, What does NLP have to offer?

Decades of Development in Human Behavioral performances for one.  Before Ross Jeffries Picked up the book Frogs into Princes, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, changed the face of Psychology forever. Inspiring and attracting Personal Power Gurus to First world Governments gleefully glowing about its powerful results.

Open Source Code. Who ever develops a NLP technology  the libraries and assets are  widely available for review and scrutiny from the orignal source code (NLP Classic Code, NLP New Code and Ericksonian Hypnosis). Even Speed Seduction can be traced back to the core technologies that Ross has since developed over the last 20 years.

Models that elegantly handel Subjective processes Objectively. This point ties into the core fundamental flaw in  Natural Game.  Instead of glossing over Internal experince as simply Vibe, and striping the depth of rapport to kindegarden level. NLP was developed around the core experince and interactions between Internal and External experiences with in human behavior to objectively achieved what prior impossible by the accepted belief that the Subjective was to vague and vast to achieve a intimate understanding per individual in a short amount of time, let alone a 5 min phobia cure.

To the Natural Gamers out there, I ask you this.  Can you get a women into bed in 20 mins or less, or Did you walk away with her phone number?  Do you have a developed understanding of her subjective experince at the end of a conversation, or are you still stumped where this might go next?   In a field of study like pickup this intriguing there is lots to experince and offer, but I call fowl when the very nature of a school of thought that  lowers the bar so low that anyone can stumble over to conclude they are getting results, Especially in an area of life where guys vulnerable to accept anything presented at face value.

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